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The following are also unacceptable forum actions-

  • The use of profanity. If a word or phrase is not acceptable to use on network TV it is not acceptable here. Also, the use of words and phrases that are denigrating, libelous, racially or ethnically offensive are prohibited in our forums. We have software to screen for inappropriate words, however no software is absolute.
  • ” Flaming” of other participants is strictly forbidden. Please be respectful of all other members in your posts.  We don’t expect everyone to agree with each other, but we do expect those disagreements to be respectful.
  • Harassment of, or personal attacks on, members or forum administrators directly or indirectly is not allowed.
  • Spamming, in any form or registering multiple names, is strictly prohibited.
  • Postings which attack a members or administrators political or religious beliefs are also prohibited. Due to the sensitive nature of both subjects, we recommend avoiding any postings on those subjects.
  • Advertising. Posting of personal items are allowed in our Classifieds – Trading Post, however.
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If you see an inappropriate posting, please report it.

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