Mail Forwarding

Even in today’s electronic age, the need to access snail mail still exists. For those RVers that don’t have family or friends available to screen and redirect their mail, a mail forwarding service may be the answer.

There are many services on the market that offer a variety of pricing and plan options ranging from simple mail forwarding to the ability to read your mail online.

Selecting which plan is right for you involves more than just choosing from pricing and options available.

How long will you need the service? Will it be only the winter months, or all year?

Will you be in once place or moving around? If you’re planning on moving a lot, a service that scans your mail might be worth considering.

If you only need the service part of the year, will you be allowed to turn it on and off as needed? Many companies charge a setup fee, will that be charged on a one time basis, or each time you turn the service back on?

If it is a permanent solution, the mailing address offered by the service is important. Your insurance, state and local taxes on income, vehicle licensing fees, drivers licensing fees and retesting rules for older drivers are all impacted by the physical address of the forwarding service you choose.

If you plan on moving around, is changing your forwarding addresses free and simple?

One plan we especially like is US Global Mail  click  here to go to their website (Plans as low as $10/month. Sign up today and use code: RetiredRver to get 1 Free Month at sign up.) or visit our advertiser’s page for more information and to view other services available.

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Updated: March 24, 2016 — 9:12 AM
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